BrasilFest 2017 Vendors – 2017 list will be up soon!!!!
Guarana Stand at BrasilFest



Guaraná is a soft drink first produced in Brazil in 1921 and whose main feature is a unique and unsurpassed flavor. It is the second best selling soft drink brand in the country and the flavor segment leader. It is produced from the guaraná fruit, which is cultivated in the Amazon rainforest. It is the Brazilians’ choice soft drink for all age groups and events, whether it is a full meal or just a snack, as well as to refresh and soothe the thirst during the day.  Show Brazil.



Spanier's Cozinha


Spanier’s Cozinha made by Spanier’s






Pastel made by Filadelfia Food
Pr. André Dutra 425-351-6620




For many years, I have dreamt of dedicating myself to something where I could allow my imagination to work for me. My passion for embroidery and personalized creations has made this dream come true.We design and embroider an infinite assortment of pieces limited only by what creativity and a needle can traverse. We want to make your things more special.



Silvia KlockCba Balloons (425) 318-9890




Kilimanjaro Imports by John Kimani


Kilimanjaro Imports by John Kimani
(253) 241-1642



Bossa Nova Art Gallery by Cristina and Scott Vasconcelos


Bossa Nova Art Gallery by Cristina & Scott Vasconcelos
4425 Fremont Ave N, Seattle WA
(206) 910-1555




FeiGiada Catering made by Gisele Goren


FeiGiada Catering made by Gisele Goren
(360) 991-6966







Amandi Artifacts



AFS_USA International Program By Marisa Zapata
(253) 271-924

Mementos Fusion By Patricia Peraza
(210) 717-2645